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Goodwives' Apparall

Image by Adrian Fortune, clothes by Peggy
We make a wide range of clothing for the "common woman".  During this period a woman's outfit consisted of a smock, stockings, a corset usually referred to as a "paire of bodies", a petticoat and a waistcoat.
In cold weather, a coat-like loose gown would be added for extra warmth.  An apron would be worn just about all the time, with a best apron reserved for going to Church in.  A woman's head would always be covered in public, by a coif at the very minimum.  She would also wear a kerchief or partlet around her neck.
 Trayned Bande wives at the Tower of London, image by Rusty Aldwinckle
 The fabrics we use are all natural and more often than not in "sadde" colours - wools and linens will be browns, greys, greens, blues, naturals.  Occasionally townswomen would wear brighter colours, reds and yellows being popular.  Bear in mind the role that you play in re-enactment:  if you cook, then take care wearing a linen petticoat or apron: wool is far more fire-retardant.  Going up in flames was the second-highest cause of death among women, after childbirth.
Remember, though, that these clothes are not designed for the modern shape!  To achieve the right look, you really need to wear the correct underpinnings.  We do not produce corsetry ourselves, but can recommend good suppliers.
The only undergarment you'll ever need.  Made from linen, available in natural or ivory.  We make our smockes with three different neck styles: straight, scooped and slit with ties.
Sizes 12 to 18
Single petticote, made from wool or linen.  Cartridge pleated onto a waistband, so that in answer to the question, "Prithee, doth my bumme look bigge enough in this?", the answer would be, "Yea".
Sizes 10 to 18, larger sizes price on request
£59 linen
£69 wool
 A  practical garment worn by just about all women, the type of fabric and level of decoration depending upon your station in society. Made from linen or wool, linen lined and fastening with buttons or hooks and eyes.  The illustrations show our simplest and most popular versions, made from linen or wool with buttons from the same material.  Please check with us for availability of sizes, fabrics and colours.
Shown in linen canvas
Sizes 10 to 18, larger sizes price on request
from £89
Shown in wool
An absolutely essential part of any woman's outfit.  We make two distinct  styles; both are made from linen, and both are available in natural or ivory  for best.  Please specify which style and which quality of fabric.
Simple, shown in ivory
Curved Front, shown in natural
Curved Front, shown in ivory
Worn under the coif to keep your hair back  In natural or ivory linen.  Includes hand-made brass pin.
 Very versatile; can be worn as shown, or tucked into the neck of the bodice.  Or round the head.  Or used to blow your nose on.  Or to wrap babies up in.  The possibilities are endless.  Hand made from natural or ivory linen.  Includes hand-made brass pin.