How to get Dressed

We often get asked,"How are you supposed to wear these things?", so we thought the best way of answering this question was to put together this simple guide.  As the models aren't quite as young as they used to be, their clothes are terminally unfashionable.


Start with the smock.  Don't wear a bra, it will spoil the look.

Next, put on your stockings and tie them below your knee with a 
braid or something similar.

Then put your bodies on.  These ones are front-lacing, the sort that a woman
 who doesn't have someone to help her dress might wear.

Put on your shoes while you're still able to bend down to tie them!

Next comes your petticoat.  This one doesn't have attached bodies.

Then your waistcoat.

Now you can deal with your head.  If your hair is long, pin it up beforehand. 
Tie the cross-cloth at the back.

Then put your coif on and pin it to the cross-cloth.

You can now complete your impression: we've added a cap, an apron, a kerchief', a belt with a purse and finally some  sewing-related bits and pieces.

Goodmen and Souldiers

Start with your shirt.

Put on your stockings and tie them just below your knee.

Put on your breeches and shoes.  You can add extra braids to tie the
bottoms of your breeches.

Put on your doublet and hook or point it on to your breeches.

Turn your shirt collar over your doublet.

Et voila!  Add a cap, belt and purse as well as little details such as an eating-knife.

For a military impression we've added a soldier's coat, replaced the townsman's cap with a labourer's cap and added the musketeer accoutrements.